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Joe LawwillMuch of my life has been about 2 wheels. Going way back, I used ride a bmx bike all over town and even did some local races wearing my dads Harley race helmets to the track. When I outgrew the bmx bike I started riding dirt bikes. As I got older it didn't matter if I was on a street bike or dirt bike as long as I was riding. From the age of 14 I was racing my dirt bike whenever I could. I kept up with it for many years, but as the costs involved with driving all over California in search of legal places to ride took it's toll I discovered mtn bikes as a good way to stay in shape and stay on two wheels without all the hastle. It wasn't too long till I was talked into doing a local race and that was it - hooked! I worked my way onto the National Circuit and year after year was successful enough to stay on good teams that would send me literally all over the world to race my bike. I did this for the next 12 years of my life culminating with a Masters World Championship in 2002 in the downhill.

As my professional career began winding down I went to art school in the off seasons and learned the art of graphic design with computers. I was always interested in designing bike parts and doing graphics for ads and web sites actually was a great fit for me. Also during my transitional period I began doing small bike clinics teaching other riders how to ride better, ride safer, faster. Along with friend Rob Howard I helped develop probably the best mountainbike riding instructional program around. We called it bikeskills and we are still going strong doing more and more clinics every year.

Today I am married to my wonderful wife Michelle who I have one step son and one little girl with. I spilt my weekends between family, racing and Bikeskills clinics. During the week I do free lance web sites and ad design.

I am also in the works on mountainbike park in Orange county. Stay tuned for more deatils coming soon!


This Winter I did the Southridge USA Winter series out at Fontana and managed to win a handful of races in teh expert 35-42 category and I took the overall title.

I also raced the Pro Downhill events too and got a handfull of podium finishes and ended up 4th overall for the series.

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