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Feb. 7, 2010
Southridge USA Winter Series
Race #3

Fontana , CA

The hills of Fontana being mostly made up of sandstone just soaked up the heavy rains of just the day before to offer up some awesome racing conditions. Although I was not really prepared for this race due to having the stomach flu the week before there was no way I was going to pass up these epic Fontana conditions!

Super D

I for once showed up the day before for some extra practice and riding time. I actually intended to race the Super D which I was really looking forward to but due to other family priorities (Kaileys Ballet class) I didn't get to the course in time to practice or let alone see the course, but I went to the top anyways to check it out. So just as I arrive to the top Donny the race organizer sees me and starts yelling at me as to where I have been. He says get in line. Before I can start whinning about not knowing the course he gives me 10 second countdown....so what the heck I am here, might as well do it. So I go sprinitng off and manage to stay on the course and actually keep a good pace till the course turned ugly. All I could focus on was the rock garden I was suddenly in and completely missed the arrow telling me to turn right. I realize I am no longer on course and attept to veer in the right directiononly to end up tagging a nice size Fontana rock that stops me in my tracks. I jump off and grab the bike and run it onto the course to find my front wheel totally bent and my chain off. Damm... I go ahead and put the chain on and limp my bike to the finish. Never bothered checking my time, but will assume I was at least 20-25 seconds off the leaders times. Next time no ballet class for me and I am doing at least one practice run! Worth mentioning that Eric Carter has been laying some sweet courses that are true Super D's. If you have been thinking about trying one I highly reccomend the Super D at Fontana.

Joe Lawwill


Fun course with a handfull of mildly technical sections that for some reason was hard to keep a nice flow on, at least for me. Due to my lack of ridingrecently I made sure to put in some extra runs so I felt comfortable, but this came at the price of feeling somewhat tired by the time my race time came up. Normally I only 2-3 runs at the most before the race to keep my legs fresh. But the course was so fun I couldn't help myself and I wasn't feeling dialed in just right. Come race time I gave what I could and was satisifed with my run. No dumb mistakes just a solid no frills run.I am looking forward to getting things a little more together for the next one. Just need to find a couple seconds in my run.

Looking forward to the next one and hoping we get rain the day before again!

-Joe Lawwill

1 Eric Carter 00:02:17.69
2 Aaron Gwin 00:02:18.21
3 David K 00:02:18.97
4 Waylon Smith 00:02:19.34
5 Rich Houseman 00:02:20.91
6 Joe Lawwill 00:02:20.94
7 Logan Binggeli 00:02:21.48
8 Lars Stenberg 00:02:22.60
9 Ben Furbee 00:02:23.32
10 Forest Belluzzi 00:02:25.60
11 Chris Heath 00:02:25.98
12 Jeremy Kneisly 00:02:27.92
13 Jon Buckell 00:02:27.94
14 Mitch Ropelato 00:02:28.41
15 Quinton Spaulding 00:02:29.56
16 James Mcneil 00:02:29.80
17 Craig Harvey 00:02:29.89
18 Leland O'connor 00:02:29.91
19 Blake Carney 00:02:29.99
20 Preston Moore 00:02:30.55
Chris Wood Photo
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