March 21-22, 2009
US CUP Race#1
Fontana City National
Fontana , CA

The National series still exists! There was some serious question at the end of last season, but luckily due to the hard efforts of Scott Tedro from Sho-Air the series is still alive.

I was really looking forward to this event but as luck would have I came down with a nasty stomach flu the week of the race. I struggled all week to pull it together and by Friday I thought I felt good enough to ride. I was signed up for th Super D and the Downhill. No cross country this time as it would have been right before the downhill and there was no way I could do both. With being sick this week I wouldn't have been able to do the XC anyways.

Super D...

Lets cut right through the B.S. the super D was terrible. It was nothing more than a section of the cross country course with no technical downhills and some hefty climbing. In retrospect I shouldn't have even competed, but because I can be stubborn I did it anyways. I have been working hard to be in good shape for this race and was looking forward to mixing it up with the Nations best. I did however under estimate the top Pro XC guys as well as how much toll my sickness took on me.

The race started with about a minute and half climb to a relatively long meandering downhill. I knew for me to have any chance at a good result I would have to be first or near the front at the start of the first downhill and some how put a gap on the field. After an odd ball mass start I scrambled for my bike and sprinted off as hard as I could go. By the time we got to the top of the first climb I was second. Great! However I was completly destroyed. As I rolled toward the beggining of the downhill I got passed by at least 4 guys. I got into line on the downhill and was so smoked all I could do was just sit on their wheel. By the time we got to the bottom of the downhill I was still nowhere near recovered and I sat there helplessly as I watched guys like Adam Craig and Craig Decker literally dissappear in front of my eyes. I limped my way into the finish in 11th of 20 pro men. Yeah only 20 pro men signed up for the event which is a joke in itself. Promoters must put some effort into making proper Super D courses or the Super D will die off.

Downhill Racing...
The DH course was definitely more technical and dangerous than the typical Fontana races. Noramlly I would invite this with open arms but with being sick all week and riding free ride style bike rather than a full on DH bike I chose to take the conservative keep your body in one piece approach. I did what I could when I could and did what I had to do to keep it safe and still managed a top ten finish. Although I was really hoping to put in a podium run I had just to many things not going in my favor.

Will have to get em the next time...

-Joe Lawwill


The last rock garden before the dreaded wall.
Joe Lawwill
Picking my way through the unforgiving rocks and super loose soil about mid way down the course. Photo: Daniel Pena


1 Eric Carter 00:02:11.2
2 Kevin Aiello 00:02:11.5
3 Cameron Cole 00:02:12.8
4 Cody Warren 00:02:12.9
5 Brad Oien 00:02:13.8
6 Jason Memmelaar 00:02:16.8
7 John Keep 00:02:17.7
8 Rich Houseman 00:02:17.9
9 Joe Lawwill 00:02:18.0
10 Waylon Smith 00:02:18.0
11 Jon Buckell 00:02:18.1
12 Sean McClendon 00:02:19.7
13 Joey Shussler 00:02:20.2
14 JD Swanguen 00:02:21.0
15 Szyson Kowalski 00:02:21.1
16 Naish Ulmer 00:02:22.3
17 Ian Odom 00:02:22.4
18 Brandon Duq. 00:02:23.4
19 Quiton Spaulding 00:02:23.6
20 Jared Rando 00:02:24.0


1 Carl Decker - Team Giant 10.05.03
2 Adam Craig - Team Giant 10.05.39
3 Travis Livermon - Champion 10.21.82
4 Aaron Bradford - Onside 10.36.11
5 Ryan Woodall - Dedicated 10.38.50
6 Trevor Downing - Team Devo 10.46.31
7 Robert Marion - Kenda KMC 10.49.24
8 Nate Byrom - Northstar 10.50.76
9 Alex Ryan - CCN/Cannondale 11.14.78
10 Eric Bierman - Steven K SP 11.17.59
11 Joe Lawwill - Santa Cruz 11.20.65
12 Matt Whttler - Lost Coast 11.21.10
13 Joel Baty - Olympic Bike Shop 11.22.50
14 William Ross - Kaladi Bros 11.29.64
15 Sam Benedict - Specialized 11.40.10
16 Mathew Connors - Fisher 29er 11.40.78
17 Derrek Herman - Bear Valley 11.49.79
18 Naish Ulmer - KHS 12.38.48
19 Ray Storm - Pronghorn 12.59.79
20 Rich Houseman - Intense THR 13.23.89
Here is a P.O.V. practice run recorded the day before the race:

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